Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Cig Table 3Cig Table 5Cig Table 2

The cigarette table -- no, I don't smoke and hope you who are reading this don't, but this is what they were called originally and I still prefer this to "accessory table" -- is certainly small, but one of the most important pieces of furniture in a room.
I agree with Sister Parish and did before I ever knew what she thought-- one must have a chair by every table! It makes me crazy to see a room with a chair floating across from the main seating area all by itself with no table to place a cup of coffee, glass of wine or a book. Even when two chairs are flanking a sofa and there is a coffee table and lamp tables, if the expanse is wide, I use small tables beside the chairs. It's such a thoughtful thing to do for your guests.

Sometimes, they come in nests which are great when you entertain and serve buffet. The French invented these little treasures for this very reason! Move them around in front of any chair or bench and you have a place to rest your plate and a glass. Very often, I will recommend that a client buy a nest and separate it in the same room as 3 tables in a nest -- the French love this idea -- are too unwieldy together.

They come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes are pieces of art that can be used as a table. Here are some of my favorites that we have in our showroom right now...


Cig Table 2


I also created several of these tables for my furniture collection because I simply couldn't find many that I liked other than antiques or vintage pieces. One of my favorites is the Ava Magazine Table.


This little jewel has it all! You can rest a drink while you have your newspaper or magazine handy. It also is so narrow that it can fit nicely between 2 chairs when you don't have much space for a table. It is the height of glamour, too, don't you think? It is made of forged iron with a gold leaf (not faux) finish--a piece to keep forever. This is what sustainability is all about.

Here are a few others from the Jan Showers Collection...

Eliza Table Como Table
Eliza Como
Amalfi Nest of Tables Edie Table
Amalfi Cig Table 2
Enjoy your summer relaxing with a good book, and by all means, a little table for your mint julep or glass of champagne and a good summer read.


Christopher Buckley's "Losing Mum and Pup: a Memoir"-- this promises to be a look inside Bill and Pat Buckley's world as well as the effect that those two powerhouse personalities had on their son. I love Chris Buckley's sense of humor, anyway, so it should be bittersweet and funny.
Mum & Pup
Jay McInerney's "How it Ended: New and Collected Stories." McInerney's writing is reminiscent of F. Scott Fitzgerald and John O'Hara in that he writes about society in the way they wrote in their time. This collection of short stories should be fun to read and put down, then come back when you're in the mood.


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