Monday, January 25, 2010



The Jan Showers Collection is in 7 showrooms around the U.S.  Each year, we change our displays in these showrooms.  That means that lots of beautiful samples end up in our Dallas warehouse.  We usually sell these samples to our clients privately and by appointment.  This year, we are bringing all of them into our showroom on Slocum Street and we are having a huge sale.  Many of the samples will be marked down 50% . Here are a few of my favorite pieces included in the sale.  

 Caroline Chair Oliver Table Coco Bar Stool
                Caroline Chair                         Oliver Dining Table                     Coco Bar Stool

At the same time, we are marking our antiques inventory down 30-75%.   Our showroom with be filled with the most incredible values.  Here are a few of my favorite antiques on the sale.

Table  Pink Chair  Bar Cart
  Console Buffet

As most of you know, we NEVER put our lamps on sale, but we are this time.  We have a great assortment of ceramic, bronze and glass vintage lamps with our trademark custom shades, Lucite bases and French silk cord.
  Celadon lamps  Celadon lamps  Louis XVII Chair  
   Pale pink lamps  Green Lamp  Tulip Lamp
I know lots of you have been waiting to buy because we are all trying to save these days.  This is your opportunity to buy some wonderful pieces and save at the same time. 


Monday, January 18, 2010



As most of you know, an earthquake devastated the island of Haiti last week. Over half of the population of Haiti is under 18 years of age. This is a time for all of us to show the generosity that America is famous for.

Please go to following link to make your donation---it doesn't matter how little you can give----every penny counts!!

Thanks for your time and efforts to help this poor nation.


Saturday, January 09, 2010


2010 has arrived so I thought it might be fun to talk about new/old inspirations (everything old is always new again).

As most of you know, I'm not crazy about trends....I'm more into style than fashion although I'm the first to admit that I adore fashion and, at its best, it is an art form just as good interior design can be. However, thought I would let you know what's in my head these days on the subject of interiors.

1. AMBER as an accent color---I know, it' been around forever, but looks fresh and has such a warm glow. It is wonderful with almost any hue.

Venetian Series #3 in Amber Elizabeth Chandelier in Amber
JSC Venetian Series #3 in Amber Elizabeth Chandelier in Amber

2. I am looking for THE PERFECT CHINTZ...I have yet to find "the one." I do like these patterns and plan to use them on projects this year.



Benjamin Moore 1178 Pale Petal

3. REINTERPRETATION OF CLASSIC PIECES----I dreamed of a glamorous Regency console reinterpreted to suit my style and the result is our new JS Collection piece, The Carlyle Console.

Carlyle Console

4. SWEDISH PAINTED GUSTAVE III FURNITURE because it enhances and lightens interiors and always looks fresh.

Benjamin Moore 1178 Pale Petal

5. A return to a demand for QUALITY IN FURNISHINGS AS WELL AS TEXTILES---at this point, people have come to realize that sustainability is important. It's time to stop wasting $$$ that could go toward a fine piece of furniture on one that will be in a dumpster in a few years.

Sutherland chair

Photo courtesty of David Sutherland

6. A demand for ART..... I always advise my clients to hire an art consultant. Good art can be found at reasonable price points.

CP Entry

7. OUTDOOR ROOMS----I have long been a big fan of recreating the indoors outside. This will become more prevalent as we now have climate control for outdoor areas and most of us want to enjoy nature year round.


8. SKIRTED TABLES done in crisp taffeta---wouldn't a really wide stripe be chic?

Skirted table 2 Skirted table

9. More PLACES TO STORE BOOKS---I designed the Lancaster Table for the JS Collection specifically for this can be a wonderful, masculine piece in dark wood as shown here, or more feminine in ivory lacquer or a pale wood.

Lancaster Table

10. I am dying to use GRACIE'S HAND PAINTED WALLCOVERING in a bedroom.


11. Also, would love to upholster WALLS IN VELVET again. Upholstered walls can be so lush if there is not too much padding.

Velvet walls

12. CORNICES used with drapery---they look fresh to me because they can be clean and simple and never prissy.


These are my thoughts going into the new year---it is my hope that this inspires you to create wonderful interiors in 2010! Happy New Year.

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Well, here we are fast did 2009 go by? It's time to think about all of the people we love and care about and what to give them at this special time of the year. Since I've been traveling so much this fall as well as being in lots of stores, I've had the opportunity to get a few ideas along the way with a little help from some friends.

Here are a few great ideas for you this holiday season:

Shelle Bagot, VP and General Manager of the flagship Neiman-Marcus store in downtown Dallas suggests.....

L'Objet Jewelled and Gilded Pine Cone Salt and Pepper Grant Dawson Mangrove Gold Salad Serving
L'Objet Jewelled and Gilded Pine Cone Salt and Pepper Grant Dawson Mangrove Gold Salad Serving Set

Adrienne Landau Beige Rex Rosette Throw Crystal Wine Stopper

Adrienne Landau Beige Rex Rosette Throw Lalique "Blackberry" Crystal Wine Stopper

Jan Paul Geiger, the manager of the spectacular Home Décor floor at Bergdorf-Goodman loves these ideas this year.......

Galerneau gold plated bronze candlesticks by Galant Sarl

Galerneau gold plated bronze candlesticks by Galant Sarl - exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman

Lucite box

Edwardo Garza Lucite Trinket Box Adorned with Pink Agates - exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman

Monica Rich Kosann Image Case John Derian Image Case
Monica Rich Kosann Image Case John Derian Tray Monica Rich Kosann Image Case

Brian Bolke, co-owner of Forty Five Ten, one of the top specialty stores anywhere (how lucky are we to have this store in Dallas?!) thinks anyone would love these suggestions....I know I do!

Vogue Box & Tray
Vogue book, People, Parties, Places Gold leaf ceramic box or tray by Waylande Gregory

Ann Sutherland had a great idea for the holidays this year---when interior designers came in to David Sutherland to shop for clients' houses this year, they could find these elegant gifts to give......I bought several of the charming little silver jiggers for gifts and then realized what great miniature vases they would make for my dining table---note the chic packaging!

Drinks shaker & jigger

DS Silver Straws

And, at Jan Showers, we try to always have one of a kinds (because any antique is that by definition) are my faves......

Cavier Set JSA Frame
Crystal & Silver Plate Cavier Server with Spoon Mirrored Frame with Beveled Edge---holds 9 x 11 photo

JSA Glass

Murano Bowl with Green Striping

Making a donation to your favorite charity at this time is probably the best gift of all---we love to give to the
North Texas Food Bank here in Dallas because we know that the money will go directly to families who don't have enough money to buy food---or, to the Salvation Army. Especially this year, all charities can use our help, so give some of these lovely gifts to your friends along with donations made in their names.....they will be thrilled----I know I always am. And, never forget the true spirit of this season of giving.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!! And, here's to a prosperous, healthy 2010.......from my house to yours.

Jan's Christmas Card

Palmer, Susanna, Matthew, Eliza, Ben, Elizabeth, Jim & Jan