Thursday, September 24, 2009


Chippendale close up

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love fall---cooler weather, leaves turning, birds flying south, fires in the fire place, grown up movies returning to the screen, fall clothes - always my favorites - and, most especially, doing a little redecorating. Something about the cool air and fall colors simply makes me want to change things indoors.

Flowers are the first thing that I think about changing in the fall. I love white flowers in the summer and as long as it's warm outside, but with the cooler temperatures, other colors and flowers come to mind. Oak Leaf Hydrangeas with branches from oak trees come to mind as do branches with berries.

Fall flowers

Pillows that looked perfect in summer may suddenly look too light and there is nothing like new pillows to freshen a room.

Chocolate room

Displays of glass are another great way to change things this time of the year. Ambers and aubergines as they remind me of fall. Greens are wonderful anytime of the year as are blues, but the deeper they are, the better.
Murano glass
If you are thinking of replacing lamps anyway, consider certain colors to freshen your room. Of course, I think white ceramic or glass are great year round, but you might consider other colors to work with a fall scheme that will still look right when spring/summer roll around next year.

ribbed lamp

Red lamps

And, if you are thinking of reupholstering a chair or sofa, there are some stunning fabrics that you will love for fall and all year. Silk velvets---so luxurious and great visually. A few of my favorites......

Travers Artois Silk Velvet - fawn Travers Delauney Silk Velvet - pewter Holland & Sherry Cashmere/Silk

Striped chair

Paint is one of the least expensive ways to change a room....we have just painted a room a wonderful carmel color in the showroom. In the aubergine family there is a very subtle color that looks great in the fall/winter or in spring/summer.

Valley Forge Brown Copper Clay Wet Concrete
Click on each color chip for more information.


We have been redesigning our showroom in the Dallas Design District for the past couple of months in order to get ready for fall. If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, please come by and take a look at new paint colors as well as lots of wonderful new antiques----chairs, lamps, rugs, mirrors and chandeliers.

Carmel room close up Tulip lamp

Another great way to get ready for fall----pick up your copy of Glamorous Rooms. Lots of great ideas for any time of the year!!

Glamorous Rooms

Glamorous Rooms Glamorous Rooms

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