Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I am a complete and hopeless movie fanatic. It started when I was growing up in a small town where my primary chance to experience glamour and drama was each Sunday afternoon when the movie changed (yes, they changed every Sunday afternoon----little did I know that we were getting them several months or even years after their initial release).

The first movie I remember seeing as a child was "Meet Me in St. Louis" with Judy Garland-----I was hooked and remain so until this day.

Meet Me

I have written before about Hitchcock movies and my fascination with most of them, so they won't be mentioned here as enough has been said. Here is a list of movies I recommend you buying or renting that you might not have seen or even heard of, depending on your age:

HOLIDAY----Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in their prime and a great story, too.

MRS. MINIVER---a wonderful 1940's movie about war and the women who stayed behind at home. Greer Garson is a marvel in this movie.

GIANT---Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor at their best with James Dean as Jett Rink----he has a classic line you won't want to miss!


CHARADE----Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in one of my all time favorites. You will want to get on the next plane to reminds me of my first trip there at about the same time this movie was made. Ms. Hepburn's costumes were all designed by Hubert de Givenchy and they are chic and timeless. It also has some hilarious moments provided by Walter Matthau and James Coburn.


TWO FOR THE ROAD----a movie directed by the great Stanley Donen about marriage. Albert Finney and Audrey again in a very stylish film that I have probably watched too many times.

Two for the Road

DR. ZHIVAGO----I know, I know, this is an epic but one of the most romantic ones. Julie Christie is a revelation and the only actress who could have been as memorable as Lara.

Dr. Zhivago

DARLING-----the movie that made Julie Christie a the time period (mid 1960's).

NETWORK----you will not believe how prophetic this 1973 movie by Paddy Chayefsky is. Faye Dunaway won the Oscar for best actress and William Holden in one of his strongest roles is fantastic.

Network Faye

SEVEN DAYS IN MAY---another prophetic movie that stands the test of time. You will be on the edge of your seat.

A ROOM WITH A VIEW----I liked this movie when I saw it in the '80's but recently watched it again and truly loved it----with wonderful performances by Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Helena Bonham Carter and most especially, Daniel Day-Lewis in the most amusing role he has ever played. All filmed in Italy in and around Florence.

A Room with a View

DINER----- a coming of age movie with many stars of today when they were just starting out---Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon and Ellen Barkin to name a few.

AGE OF INNOCENCE---my favorite Scorcese movie with Michelle Pheiffer and Daniel Day-Lewis with a wonderful voiceover by Joanne Woodward. A lovely interpretation of the Edith Wharton novel about the manners of the upper class in New York during the late 1800's. I love the score and the sets alone make the movie worth watching. There is a heart stopping scene with Michelle's character standing on a dock looking out at the ocean.

Age of Innocence

All of these movies are at least 20 years about a few newer ones that you might not have seen, but certainly should....

MATCH POINT----my favorite Woody Allen film. An interesting story about fate and luck.

AN EDUCATION----in my opinion, one of the very best movies of 2009. Carey Mulligan is a revelation. This movie will be a classic, and, if you like the 60's, you will love the time period.

An Education

BROKEN EMBRACES----how can I say enough about any Pedro Almodovar movie? The colors, the camera angles and the romance----he is a genius and knows how to tell a story. Penelope Cruz is one of the finest actresses today. Cruz and Almodovar love working together and it shows in every film they have made.


THE GHOST WRITER----I love Ewan McGregor and he is great in this movie directed by Roman Polanski. The best film I've seen this year.

The Ghost Writer

I could go on and on, and this needs an edit job for sure, so that's all for now.
I will write about documentaries, which are another category of films I love sometime in the future.