Saturday, January 09, 2010


2010 has arrived so I thought it might be fun to talk about new/old inspirations (everything old is always new again).

As most of you know, I'm not crazy about trends....I'm more into style than fashion although I'm the first to admit that I adore fashion and, at its best, it is an art form just as good interior design can be. However, thought I would let you know what's in my head these days on the subject of interiors.

1. AMBER as an accent color---I know, it' been around forever, but looks fresh and has such a warm glow. It is wonderful with almost any hue.

Venetian Series #3 in Amber Elizabeth Chandelier in Amber
JSC Venetian Series #3 in Amber Elizabeth Chandelier in Amber

2. I am looking for THE PERFECT CHINTZ...I have yet to find "the one." I do like these patterns and plan to use them on projects this year.



Benjamin Moore 1178 Pale Petal

3. REINTERPRETATION OF CLASSIC PIECES----I dreamed of a glamorous Regency console reinterpreted to suit my style and the result is our new JS Collection piece, The Carlyle Console.

Carlyle Console

4. SWEDISH PAINTED GUSTAVE III FURNITURE because it enhances and lightens interiors and always looks fresh.

Benjamin Moore 1178 Pale Petal

5. A return to a demand for QUALITY IN FURNISHINGS AS WELL AS TEXTILES---at this point, people have come to realize that sustainability is important. It's time to stop wasting $$$ that could go toward a fine piece of furniture on one that will be in a dumpster in a few years.

Sutherland chair

Photo courtesty of David Sutherland

6. A demand for ART..... I always advise my clients to hire an art consultant. Good art can be found at reasonable price points.

CP Entry

7. OUTDOOR ROOMS----I have long been a big fan of recreating the indoors outside. This will become more prevalent as we now have climate control for outdoor areas and most of us want to enjoy nature year round.


8. SKIRTED TABLES done in crisp taffeta---wouldn't a really wide stripe be chic?

Skirted table 2 Skirted table

9. More PLACES TO STORE BOOKS---I designed the Lancaster Table for the JS Collection specifically for this can be a wonderful, masculine piece in dark wood as shown here, or more feminine in ivory lacquer or a pale wood.

Lancaster Table

10. I am dying to use GRACIE'S HAND PAINTED WALLCOVERING in a bedroom.


11. Also, would love to upholster WALLS IN VELVET again. Upholstered walls can be so lush if there is not too much padding.

Velvet walls

12. CORNICES used with drapery---they look fresh to me because they can be clean and simple and never prissy.


These are my thoughts going into the new year---it is my hope that this inspires you to create wonderful interiors in 2010! Happy New Year.

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