Friday, June 12, 2009


Jewelry by Elizabeth Showers
JS #4 in Aqua #1 JS Collection Venetian #3 in Moonstone #1

I love to compare design objects to other things in life...chairs often look like people because a great character chair has such personality. A Klismos chair reminds me of a really laid back guy, a Louis XV chair reminds me of a great looking lady with pretty legs. You get the idea. The next time you look at a chair, think about it!


JS Collection No. 108 Marnie Dining Chair

There is only one way that I describe wonderful lamps---JEWELRY---as they are the true jewelry in any room. They come in all shapes and sizes just like chairs. Changing lamps in a room can do more in a minute that almost anything else.

A great example of this is the sparkle of glass lamps. There is nothing else that adds this element to an interior. Glass lamps can be masculine or feminine depending on coloration and shape.

#1 Turq & Gold lamp

The one on the left has very straight lines and would look great in a man's study or library. The one on the right would be appropriate for a lady's dressing room or a formal living room with light colors.

I often use bronze lamps----they are oh so of the moment in Paris right now----as they add weight and a sculptural quality to any décor. We are working on a handsome house in Phoenix with stone walls. The house will look totally appropriate in the desert. Colors throughout are an extension of what's outside----sand, sage and pale blues. We are using bronze and nickel lamps in most of the spaces and also mixing in colorful vintage ceramics.


When there are lots of beautiful glass accessories in a room, I love to use ceramic lamps. They add color and form---no sparkle, but that isn't necessary if there are glass pieces present.

Kim's living

Just remember, there is nothing you can do to change your décor faster than to change your lamps or dated lamp shades! There is nothing that can spoil an interior faster than bad lamp shades, and conversely, nothing that can glamorize an interior faster than good ones.

Here are some of my all time favorite lamps.....

#1 #1
#1 Lamp from HB

So, if you're not redecorating an entire room, remember these jewels...instant gratification for achieving a fresh look!

More to come soon...