Monday, August 24, 2009


Glamorous Rooms

Glamorous Rooms Glamorous Rooms

Glamorous Rooms has been released!! After working on this project for almost 2 years, it's finally here. Of course, I have really been working on it for the past 25 years as you will see when you look at all of the images in the book.

Here are three of my favorite images from GR......

Dining Room Living Room

Living Room

For the rest of the 170+ images taken over the past 20 years including more than 75 new ones, you'll need to buy the book! There were over 100 images that were not included---maybe some of them will be in the next one.....

The name of the book is what it's all about......ROOMS......most design books over the past few years have been formatted project by project. One of my favorite books from the past was a book Conde Nast published about living rooms that had appeared in House and Garden over 25 years ago. The entire book was just living rooms and I loved it.

So, if you are designing or redecorating a bedroom, then turn to that chapter in Glamorous Rooms and read what I have to say about how to start - what to do and what not to do, etc. Then take a look at the images that show examples.

I got an advance copy at the end of May and I was so happy to see my daughter, Elizabeth, looking at it and getting ideas for her guest room. The book is very accessible and I hope, inspiring.

Here are a couple of examples:

"Beds should envelop, feel warm and cozy, and have the best linens one can afford."

Master Bedroom

Guest Room

"Make the living room into a place where people want to spend time. Imagine ways to seduce and lure family and friends into using these typically neglected spaces, such as books stacked high on tabletops along with filled magazine racks, which never fail to make rooms appear more layered and welcoming."

Living Room

Living Room

There are 208 pages of rooms and detail shots----it is my wish that readers will look at these images and use the ideas, colors, mix of fabrics and woods in their own interiors.


There will be book signings in Dallas, Houston, New York, L.A., Miami, Palm Beach, San Francisco and Atlanta. For specific dates on these signings, we will post them on my website as well as on and

Hope to see you soon and sign your copy of Glamorous Rooms!!

*Glamorous Rooms is available wherever books are sold or online.